The Bridges in Research Park Application

  1. Applicants must be at least 19 years of age. Each additional occupant 19 or older must also apply and be named on the lease.
  2. Must be in good credit standing.
  3. Must have positive previous rental history.
  4. One month’s salary must equal at least three times the monthly rent amount

Additional Information

Has Any Applicant or Future Resident ever:

All additional applicants, including spouses, must complete separate application forms. In the event that applicant is denied, the security deposit will be refunded. When an applicant selects an apartment, we remove it from the market and hold it for the applicant until the move-in date. The move-in date must be within (10) ten days from the date the apartment is made ready. If we have held an apartment off the market for an applicant, and the applicant cancels application 7 or more days after applying, the applicant will forfeit their security deposit. Applicant hereby authorizes the investigation of all statements pertaining to minimum requirements contained in this application and does certify that all statements are true and correct. It Is further understood that any misinterpretations, omissions, or falsifications is cause for rejection of the application and any deposits given will be forfeited. Applicant further understands the application fee is non-refundable. We strictly reserve the right not to accept cosigners. We also reserve the right to run a criminal background check on all applicants. Any fees associated with credit/debit card processing are non-refundable.

The application fee is $45 per adult and the security deposit is $300